Furniture upholstery as an interior accent

Furniture upholstery as an interior accent

Furniture upholstery as an interior accent


Furniture upholstery as an interior accent

Textile in the interior is the finishing touch, which is able to draw attention to itself and bring a touch of originality to the whole environment. The fabric has the greatest influence on the concept of the interior, acting as the upholstery of furniture items.

Using different types of matter, you can achieve austerity or softness, modesty or pretentiousness, modernity or old-fashionedness of the surrounding space.

Speaking about textiles as an accent element, it is worth noting that it is precisely as the upholstery of furniture that the fabric is capable of completely changing, transforming, updating the interior and focusing everyone's attention on itself. The RAYES factory is a manufacturer of high quality textiles from economy to premium class. Our own production line and technologically advanced equipment allow us to produce various types of high quality fabrics.

You can buy textiles at affordable prices in "RAYES" by filling out an application on the factory's website. We carry out wholesales of textiles and fabrics throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Delivery is carried out to any region.

Leather and matting for interior design

Leather in any interior has been a trend for a long time. Leather furniture emphasizes the status of the room and can add a touch of luxury to the environment.

Leather textiles look equally stylish and elegant both in home interiors and in public areas:

  • offices ;
  • hotels ;
  • meeting rooms;
  • restaurants and so on.

This the material is used for interior styles such as classic, country, Scandinavian and industrial. Besides its aesthetic qualities, leather is a very practical and versatile material. It goes well with metal, wood, concrete and other types of fabrics.

Today, leather is also used to decorate cabinet furniture, for example, wardrobes, chests of drawers, as well as for finishing various surfaces: walls, ceilings, floors. Classic skin colors - black, white, brown. The upholstery in pastel leather looks very modern.

Rogoza is another material that is widely used in the furniture industry

The fabric is characterized by wear resistance, environmental friendliness, breathability, and a variety of designs. Horn is not the name of the fabric itself, it is the name of the type of weaving, which implies the weaving of double or triple threads in a checkerboard pattern.

The result is a textured fabric with an original ornament, represented by small, slightly convex cubes. Raw materials for the manufacture of matting can be natural silk, cotton, wool, linen or synthetic acrylic.

Matting furniture upholstery has an aesthetic appearance and gives the environment a touch of warmth and comfort. This material will harmoniously fit into interiors decorated in the style of Provence, Eco, Marine, English and many others.

Textiles from the "RAYES" Factory at wholesale prices with prompt delivery

Factory "RAYES" offers to order high quality textiles with delivery throughout Russia and the CIS countries. We work in the direction of large and small wholesale, so we will be glad to cooperate with both individuals and organizations that supply hotels and hotels with textiles.

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