How are textiles used in the interior?

How are textiles used in the interior?

How are textiles used in the interior?


How are textiles used in the interior?

Textiles in the interior can create a surprisingly homely, cozy atmosphere, and sometimes act as an accent design element. The use of fabrics is the most affordable and very effective way to transform the surrounding space.

There are several ways to use textile materials in the interior, each of which involves the choice of a certain type of fabric, color, pattern and texture. A wide selection of textiles from economy class to elite types is presented by the RAYES Factory. We are a manufacturer of fabrics, which allows us to provide affordable wholesale prices for high quality material with a good level of performance. We offer to buy textiles in small and large wholesale on favorable terms of cooperation.

What fabrics are most often used in the interior?

All fabrics are divided into natural and synthetic. Both categories are widely used in interior design. Among natural materials, the following are very popular:

  • cotton ;
  • len ;
  • silk ;
  • wool ;
  • velvet.
  • All of them are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and also require a more scrupulous attitude in their care. Among synthetic fabrics, the following are in demand:

    • flock;
    • tapestry;
    • velor .

    It is worth noting that velor in this list deserves special attention. Today's textile industry offers various varieties of these textiles. For example, a pony or a convertible. The material Pony belongs to the category of micro-velor, has a monochromatic design and is embossed from the wool of the Pony horse. The texture of the fabric is embossed, thanks to which it is popular in the furniture industry. The Cabrio material is also a kind of velor, only it has a more pronounced texture and lower density.

    Variants of using textiles in the interior

    1. Wallpaper.

    Textiles on the walls, instead of ordinary wallpaper, look very original and can turn any interior into an ultra-modern and fashionable one. Fabric coverings require special care and caution during installation.

    2. Curtains.

    This is a very important element of the interior, which is mainly responsible for comfort and harmony. In addition to the aesthetic function, the curtains have a functional purpose - to hide the interior space of rooms from views from the street and prevent the penetration of sunlight.

    3. Carpets.

    They create coziness and can act as an accent element in the room. They are used to furnish bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, kitchens.

    4. Bedspreads, blankets, pillows.

    Bright or plain, with or without ornamentation, light or thicker - bedspreads are an integral part of the design. But the pillows take on the role of decorative details that harmoniously fit into the surrounding space and are used in different interior styles.

    5. Furniture upholstery.

    Furniture upholstery is no longer just a fabric that protects the soft filling of furniture, but also a tool that allows you to complement, transform and improve the design of rooms.

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