The history of the birth of textiles

The history of the birth of textiles

The history of the birth of textiles


The story of the birth of textiles

Interior elements made of textiles are not just decorative items used in design, but also practical things that create comfort and coziness:

  • soft bedspreads and blankets keep you warm when it's cold;
  • you can lie down on pillows and cushions while relaxing;
  • a fluffy carpet provides a pleasant tactile sensation when walking.

Tissues have been near a person for a very long time. Developing and improving, textiles today have become an important tool for designers, allowing them to create and create original interior design.

The RAYES factory produces high quality textiles and fabrics on its own technological line of equipment, in strict compliance with the requirements of GOST. We offer to wholesale textiles at competitive prices. Delivery of products is carried out in Russia and the CIS countries.

Where were the tissues born?

It is impossible to determine the exact time and place of the appearance of the world's first textile. In every culture, the people used different yarn and fabric techniques. The ancient city of Babylon began to make wool.

Archaeologists have discovered at the site of the city canvases depicting various stories from the life of the local people, legends, tales. These canvases were used to decorate the walls in their homes.

India is the birthplace of cotton. It was from here that Alexander the Great took numerous canvases of fabric, after which cotton began to rapidly scatter across the Mediterranean countries.

Local weavers not only made fabric, but also dyed it, made prints and ornaments. Silk, a material admired by the whole world, first appeared in China.

The technology for the production of matter remained a secret for a long time, until the cunning of Raja Gupta and the naivety of the Chinese princess became the reason for its disclosure. Times are changing, technologies are improving, new types of textiles and more technologically advanced ways of producing them appear. Today, the variety of fabrics is very great, and they are made on a large, industrial scale.

Contemporary textiles

Modern textiles are presented in the widest range of both natural and synthetic fabrics. The interiors use textiles in the form of curtains, upholstery of upholstered furniture, bedspreads, rugs, carpets, and so on.

Some of the most popular types of fabrics that are found in interior designs of different styles are suede and leather. Suede is renowned for its softness and aesthetic appearance.

The material is made on the basis of cotton or silk fabric, on the front side of which there is a short pile. It can be natural and artificial. It is used as an upholstery material for furniture, in the form of wallpaper, to create decorative elements.

Leather has already become a classic, characteristic of both modern and more classic interior trends. The material looks expensive and gives the environment a touch of luxury.

The RAYES factory offers to order textiles in bulk at competitive prices. We cooperate with individuals and organizations for which we organize wholesale deliveries of products.

Clarify any questions regarding cooperation on the contacts indicated on the site, or use the convenient feedback form, and we will call you in the next working hour.

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