Fabrics in interiors of different styles

Fabrics in interiors of different styles

Fabrics in interiors of different styles


Fabrics in interiors of different styles

Interior design is a kind of art that allows you to create the surrounding space as comfortable as possible for life. Today there are many different styles in design: classic, modern, hi-tech, minimalism, country, provence, and so on.

Each of them differs in its own process of interior decoration, principles of arrangement and layout, materials used in decoration and color palettes.

But, no direction of interior design is complete without textiles. Some styles of fabrics use more fabrics, others use less, in any case, it will not be possible to completely exclude them from the decor anywhere.

The RAYES factory offers a wide range of textiles: velvet, velor, leather, jacquard and many others. Since we are a manufacturer of fabrics, you can buy high quality textiles at wholesale prices without wrapping or overpayments.

Each style has its own textiles

1. English style.

English-style interiors are characterized by the use of natural wood, plain wallpaper and a large number of textiles. This is the upholstery of furniture items with velvet, tapestry, leather, and voluminous curtains in several layers, and numerous silk pillows scattered on armchairs and soft sofas, as well as carpets on the floor.

2. Classic style.

Classics are more restrained in relation to textiles. The most popular materials for this trend are natural silk, velvet, batiste, muslin.

3. Art Deco.

In this direction, a wide variety of textiles are used in the form of velvet, corduroy, wool, silk, cashmere.

4. Oriental style.

The east direction is characterized by the use of a large number of upholstered furniture, pillows, curtains. Among the fabrics, preference is given to velvet, satin, silk, brocade. In all the styles presented above, velvet and velor are found in one form or another. These two materials are very similar to each other, but completely different.

Velvet is a dense, wear-resistant fabric that is obtained by interweaving 5 threads. The threads can be cotton, wool or silk. The basis of the fabric is formed from four threads, and the pile from 1/5.

Velor is made from woolen, cotton threads with the addition of synthetic - polyester or elastane. The main difference between velvet and velor lies precisely in the composition of the threads.

Velvet is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material that does not electrify. Velor has a longer, thicker pile, while both fabrics are very pleasant to the touch, soft and smooth.

Velvet is more capricious in leaving. He is allowed only hand wash, no spinning. You can dry the canvas only unfolded, avoiding creases and folds, otherwise the structure of the material will be broken.

As for velor, it is permissible to wash it in a washing machine at 30 degrees, but no bleaching, spinning, ironing is allowed for this material.

When exposed to direct sunlight, textiles lose their brightness. Both materials are used for upholstering furniture, sewing clothes, making decorative elements and curtains.

Textiles for the interior from the Factory "RAYES" at wholesale prices

Wholesale prices for textiles from the Manufacturing Factory "RAYES" are beneficial for both individuals and large enterprises. Delivery of fabrics is carried out throughout Russia, as well as to the CIS countries.

To order high quality wholesale textiles and in the required quantity, please contact RAYES managers, who will consult and answer any questions you may have, as well as help you fill out an application.

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